Pipe Dope Grease; casing

Advantages of Pipe Dope; casing

Pipe Dope; casing is an excellent lubricant for highly loaded and stressed static parts and for low-speed revolving Installations operating at high temperatures. Because of its NEW special formulation and most ­finely ground particles, ­fills all coarseness and pores on the surface of the metal and protects it against seizure, abrasion, pitting and fretting.



Pipe dope; casing is mostly used as Anti-seize grease for tool joints. It is also used for different applications in refi­nery, chemical, industrial and power generation plants working in adverse operation conditions such as high pressures and temperatures.


Other advantages:

  • Protection against rust and friction
  • Prevent oxidation and contact corrosion btw metals in work places.
  • It resists against high pressure and temperature.