Valve lubricant PX3-512

Advantages of Stick Valve Lubricant:

Valve lubricant 512 is formulated from nontoxic, high viscosity vegetable oils and polymers to assure heavy duty sealing and lubrication in a wide range of general purpose applications where resistance to aliphatic hydrocarbons or aqueous solutions is required. Contains a food grade thickener with no other solid lubricants or fi­llers.

PX3-512 is the recommended plug valve sealant to use for maximum sealing power and lowered valve torque requirements. It is pumpable using a high pressure lubricator and works well for the majority of valve maintenance applications.



PX3-512 Can be used as the primary sealant in most plug valve lubrication programs. It is suitable for aqueous and hydrocarbon service. Its heavy viscosity base oils provide maximum sealing power while lowering the torque required to operate the valve. Recommended for use in oil­eld, re­ning, petrochemical, power plant, chemical plant and marine applications.

Valve lubricant