Fully synthetic valve grease PX3-511

Advantages of Valve Grease: 

Lubrication of industrial valves under extreme pressure

PX3/511 Valve Grease provides an insoluble film of lubricant to protect seal faces and reduce torque requirements. Microscopic particles of PTFE will seal minor scratches to sealing surfaces and shallow corrosion pits. Seals scratches up to 0.010\" and nicks and cuts on soft seats.

Designed specifically as an all-purpose seat lubricant/ sealant to extend the maintenance interval in severe service and critical service valves. PX3/511 is insoluble in water, oil, natural gas and related by-products. Suitable for sour service valves.


Recommended for use in ball, gate, and plug valves as well as orifice fittings. Use at refineries, wellheads, pump or compressor stations and in gas distribution systems.

Other properties:

  • Resistance to water
  • Low temperature resistance
  • No melting point
  • Compatible with Sealweld Total-Lube #911