Synthetic Valve Grease PX3-506

Advantages of Synthetic Valve Grease

Synthetic Valve Grease is a synthetic base lubricant and sealant designed for use in gate valves as well as in ball and plug valves. Its synthetic base resists washout by crude oil, distillates or other petroleum hydrocarbons. PX3/506 provides corrosion protection as well as extreme pressure lubrication to WKM type and other oilfield and pipeline valves.




PX3/506 can be used to purge and lubricate valves after hydrostatic testing. It can be used in aliphatic hydrocarbons, crude distillates, crude oil, diesel fuel, hydrocarbon liquids, kerosene, LPG, lubricating oils and natural gas.

Px3/506 will service temperatures from -20 °F to +275 °F and can be applied by injection with a standard high-pressure grease gun.


Other properties:

  • High temperature rated
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Resist washout
  • Non-drying
  • Resist washout by crude oil, distillates or petroleum hydrocarbons.