Pipe Dope Grease; drill collar

Pipe Dope Grease; drill collar is ideal for high PH, high temperatures and invert muds and is an environmentally-friendly, double–duty drill collar & tool joint compound formulated to provide  a superior level of performance for the increasing demands of today oil field market. The lead-free formulation contains copper -flake as the only metallic component and is contains by a unique blend of anti- corrosion and anti-wear additives.


Pipe Dope Grease; drill collar is recommended for the entire drill string of crude geothermal wells, high angle holes, problematic holes involving high temperature, whip stocks, and horizontal drilling applications.


Other advantages:

  • Protection against rust and friction
  • Prevent oxidation and contact corrosion btw metals in work places.
  • It resists against high pressure and temperature.