Multipurpose lithium grease

Advantages of Lithium Grease

PX3-100 MP2 is based on Mineral oil and Lithium thickener.

PX3-100 MP2 is a high performance lithium soap based multi-purpose grease. The combination of well selected base oils and lithium soap provides high working stability, good corrosion protection and high oxidation stability.

PX3-100 MP2 is completely suitable for longtime lubrication of plain and antifriction bearings on electric motors, blowers, rolling mill trains, journal joints, etc. under normal to increased temperatures and speed conditions. The service temperature range is from – 20 °C to 120°C.

Other properties:

  • Good high temperature performance up to +130°C
  • Good anti-wear, anti corrosion and anti-oxidation properties.
  • Excellent stability during long storage periods.
  • Good mechanical stability