Anti rust grease used to cover metal surfaces

Advantages of Anti Rust grease PX3-201

Anti rust grease is Highly effective due to outstanding wetting and lubricating properties. Decreased friction and wear, and therefore reduction of necessary repair times. Economical due to thrifty consumption as a result of small application quantities and time-saving use due to advantageous spray form. In liquid phase, PX3/201-202 wets sliding surfaces and even penetrates into narrow gaps. Following evaporation of solvent, a dry, elastic film with high adhesive strength remains. PX3/201-202 is waterproof and has good corrosion protection properties. Dry film prevents adhesion of dust and dirt.


Lubrication of open pinion gears which are highly subject to wearing due to corrosion and continuous soiling, e.g. on construction machines, spindle presses, crushers, mills, windlasses, rubbish disposal devices, ship´s lifting jaws or water structures. Wire cables subject to outdoor weathering, e.g. on crane systems, lifts and aerial tramways, ship´s and offshore equipment for diverse types of sealing lubrication, including of coarse chains and chain transporters.

Anti rust grease PX3-201